Travel Information and Location

Dispositions, Causes, Modality
Workshop in Cologne
7-9 March 2012

Location of the workshop
Neuer Senatssaal, main building (Hauptgebäude),
first floor (Erdgeschoss), building element 6 (Bauteil 6)
Philosophy Department
Albertus-Magnus-Platz 1
50923 Köln

An interactive map can be found here.

Travel Information
Köln/Bonn Airport is the closest airport, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf might be best for overseas. From there you can easily take the train to Cologne main station (1-2h). If possible, book your train in advance here or buy your ticket at one of the friendly ticket machines at the station. From Cologne main station (= Köln Hbf or Hauptbahnhof) take public transport or a taxi to the hotel or conference venue.

Hotel Hopper etcetera
Brüsseler Straße 24
50674 Köln
phone: 0049-221 92 44 00

Hotel Conti
Brüsseler Straße 40-42
50674 Köln
phone: 0049-221 25 87 70

Flandrischer Hof
Flandrische Straße 3 – 11
50674 Köln
phone: 0049-221 20 36-0

Cheaper accomodations for students
Die Wohngemeinschaft
Richard-Wagner-Str. 39
50674 Köln
phone: 0049-221 39 76 09 04

Weltempfänger Hostel
Venloer Straße 196
50823 Köln
phone: 0049-221 99 57 99 57

Or take look here.

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